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classes for grade schoolers through adults

Learning to act and perform on stage can be intimidating and exciting all at the same time. Our instructors have all experienced stage fright, "butterflies", forgotten lines and just about any other fear that one could have when performing.

They have also experienced the thrill of a resounding applause, smiling faces, laughter and the accolades that come with the theatre.

From the basics of proper enunciation to advanced theatrical writing, we teach kids and even adults how to make a great presentation to nearly any audience. We've also found skills learned in the theatre often carry over into real life, making our classes a great way to experience personal growth.

Classes listed below are subject to change season by season.

Theatre Classes in Gresham

SALT Academy performs a variety of shows throughout the year. We provide a mix of both originally written productions and mainstream plays. Our Junior Productions are cast with younger students ranging from 6 to 12 years old. Other productions include a broader age group and includes adults as well. Costumes are often custom-made and our theatre tech crew designs and builds all of our amazing sets.  

Check out our YouTube Channel videos!
Check out our YouTube Channel videos!

Drama classes for kids 6-7

Early Grade Schoolers will enjoy learning simple line recital, acting and stage presense in our Drama I class. They'll have opportunities throughout the year to perform in our recitals and to audition for the annual Junior Production.

Drama classes for ages 8 through pre-teen

SALT Academy offers Drama II and III for 8 through 12 year olds. Students are typically grouped by age over experience level, depending on class size. Drama students learn the basics of theatre including character delivery, voice projection, stage ediquette and blocking.

Puppet creation and performance is also available for this age group. Kids will create their own puppet characters through guided instruction while using their imagination.

Drama and puppet classes have multiple opportunities to perform during the season

Acting classes for teens and adults

Drama Level IV is for students ages 12-18. They will review basics and then progress through intermediate levels of dramatic and comedic presentations including stage etiquette, position, crossing, blocking, vocal techniques, and facial and body language through pantomime. They also learn a variety of character building techniques including a combination of the Stanislavsky and Meisner methods of acting.

Our Advanced Theatre class for teen through adult teaches theater principles and acting methods as it specifically applies to upcoming plays and the roles being performed. This audition-only class is an exciting opportunity for those who want to take their acting to the next level.

Our Current Season of Drama Classes

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45 minute/week class

$120 per 8 Week Session

1 hour/week class

$130 per 8 Week Session

1 1/2 hour/week class

$150 per 8 Week Session


fees will be announced to enrolled students as applicable


Registration, enrollment and payments are handled through our Parent Portal for both new and existing students. You can access the portal by clicking the button below, or simply click the Register button next to your desired class if available.

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